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Since 1994 the Coalition has been encouraging neighbors to interact to build a better community.
A great example of that is the annual event “Hands Across the Street”, where residents from Grant Houses get together with residents of Morningside Gardens for a night of joy and friendship.

A potluck dinner get neighbors together, accompanied by music and screenings or news about the community.

Related achievements

A few of our accomplishments are:

  • working to make the elevated section of the #1 train more attractive and less noisy.
  • getting empty lots cleaned up.
  • working across property lines to reduce rat infestations.

We organize various community activities to bring our neighbors together:

  • Community Potlucks
  • Movie screenings
  • Annual meetings
  • Raffles
  • Guest appearances

If you would like to contribute by giving a small donation so we can organize more events, please do by clicking on the “Donate” Button. We also are open to suggestions and ideas for new events.